Environmentally in WTR

The topic of environmental protection has not passed by us either. In order to act for the good of the environment, we pay attention to the resulting CO2 emissions in our daily business. Our Environment handling begins with the transport of waste, that we selected by special  partners who have been actively supporting us for several years now. This enabled us to put our concept of sustainability into practice and to give this task in our company the importance that he deserves. In addition to transport waste environemntally friendly, the type of recycling is of course also important for us. Right from the start, environmental protection combined with quality was our top priority. We have focused on recycling and reusing the goods instead of burning them since the founding of WTR. Applied to our company, this means that we always think outside the box and act with foresight, especially in the area of sustainability. In addition, we don't do things by halves, but always keep an eye on the big picture. We recycle with full commitment and do our work completely, properly and competently!


In order to get a better insight into the saving of CO2 emissions in WTR, we have published the values from 2020, 2021 and 2022 below. These figures illustrate how many tons of CO2 were saved through the environmentally friendly recycling of waste by the WTR:

YEAR 2022

Plastic: over 19.693 Tons/CO2

Paper: over 1.894 Tons/CO2

Aluminium: over 13.313 Tons/CO2

YEAR 2020

Plastic: over 7.700 Tons/CO2

Paper: over 2.700 Tons/CO2

Aluminium: over 800 Tons/CO2

YEAR 2021

Plastic: over 10.260 Tons/CO2

Paper: over 1.475 Tons/CO2

Aluminium: over 27.700 Tons/CO2

In illustration, this means that 1.415.353 trees in year 2022 would have been necessary to bind the above-mentioned amount of CO2. With our environmentally concept and our company-specific recycling, we have prevented the environment from being exposed to carbon dioxide, which would otherwise have been emitted into the air by burning the waste.


Become also a part of the WTR family and have also the benefit from environmentally friendly disposal and funding through the recycling of raw materials.